Texts interspersed with love and poetry.

A legion of people around the world knows perfectly well that it is not simple to faithfully translate languages ​​into a specific language.
Some of them then are much more complex than others. Based on this I apologize to the readers of the English language for finding in our exhibitions, texts, paragraphs and even a whole chapter, somewhat confused as to their understandings, because we use in our works simply an Online translator, since we cannot afford to pay a professional trained to assist us in this task.
Grateful for everyone understands.

Jaime D'Aquino.


Intended for readers of the English language or who understand it satisfactorily.

                                 Love and poetry.

Poetic texts, extracted from our books and adapted to this page: TEXTS BROAD OF LOVE AND POETRY.
We will convey the essence of each and the characters, if any, will be omitted or their names different from those originally presented in each work.

                                 Jaime D'Aquino.
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The first three texts taken from the book. The world where we live.

People who seduce themselves with the charms reflected in the infinities of natural elements of the cosmos, if nothing in life occupied them would surely pass them by. Such beings bring within them immensely higher sensitivities to the concept of what we understand as "the beautiful," as this term simply lacks much broader senses for them, for what they see with their Souls' eyes transcends their very many. Meanings.
Can anyone imagine one of these people who, if a painter, tried to transpose onto a canvas something that “his heart” glimpsed without the colors that faithfully represented what he saw? If poet like what he would feel without finding in the words, nothing that fits what dazzled his core, recited in the flight of a bird, in the majesty of the blooming of a flower? If genius musician, could not find in instruments and instrumentalists, means of united, reproduce the symphony that he watched performed in the divine brightness of the stars, under the baton of the Divine Maestro?
Undoubtedly, these material shortcomings can lead to geniuses, frustrations that are difficult to describe.

Now try to imagine a world where all its inhabitants possess such extraordinary sensibilities and as splendid as our planet, Earth, since it, like all the cosmic elements, is equally beautiful. They only contain within themselves the perception of the universal magnificences contained in all that has existence, the higher beings who see their own reflexes in them. Simply here, in this fantastic world of ours, its exuberance's are perceived by the few in relation to the immense majority in which there are those who see “beautiful things”, never sumptuous, for their inner concepts and capacities to grasp the beautiful they are in no way truly compatible with him.


                   Celestino first and singular dream.

On the night of that day he went to sleep happily and feeling at peace. She felt as if she woke up immediately after falling asleep, for what she saw and felt was too real to be a dream.
-No, it can't be a dream! I thought. Although unlike anything I've experienced so far, I've never felt so lucid, so awake and charged with strange and intense energy.
She walked through a place of incomparable beauty, feeling the aromatic and refreshing breeze that softly touched her face and body. Continuing in slow, meek steps, not wanting to stop, for directing his eyes to all the spaces that surrounded him, the immensity of multicolored, though infinite nuances, now gave him the impression that he was indeed awake and awakening. little bit of a dark nightmare.
"I wish my God I could live here forever!"
Celestino intends that if he had not lived all that is now revealed before him, he would not have, under the present conditions of inhabiting a gloomy world, the means of understanding the Majesties contained therein. For the "humans" who have never experienced their physical or inner senses in such singularities, what he perceives would have, for them, no sense at all, would represent nothing at all.
Ah, if he understood what lies behind what he lives now, in relation to what he will come back to, as soon as he awakens, he would never fall into the same mistake again! You will be greatly assisted to prevent this from happening again.
After a long walk, he now runs like a child, with a radiant heart of happiness, through an enchanted garden and plays with the flowers, with thousands of other children who appear on the paths he passes. You see the sun in the sky, but a different sun. The delicate but intense clarity emanating from it is like waves of light in the form of glowing clouds that, by spreading its rays to all horizons, penetrate all that your eyes reach Life, Love, and indescribable charms.
He has the feeling that he is an Angel, and realizing that he can fly, he soars over the imposing trees that have their branches and leaves swaying gracefully in the rhythm of the melodious wind, over the mountains to the sky, and from above, he can see the sky. extension of that Paradise that has a huge population of Angels which to him. When he comes down, he feels the need to talk to everyone, like his brothers, old acquaintances.
"Come with us," says one of them.
He is led by a small group of them who are now forming a circle, and I have at their center, someone strumming a golden harp and singing hymns in praise of the Lord of that magical and immense world.
At the end of the songs Celestino tries to know with the Angel who invited him to join with those of that group, who is this Almighty Lord and hears from him:
-We do not know; nobody knows. He gives us all the joy and peace contained in all the Universes, but the only thing we cannot know is who He is. There are those who claim to be the gathering of all that is, but we do not really know if that's truly it. There is a law among us that penalizes those who persistently try to find out who He is or what He is.
Q: And what penalty should the offender have to serve? Question:
"The temporary ban from here to dark worlds."
Even supposing in fact that she was dreaming, Celestino, hearing her brother, feels overwhelming oppression in her heart. He was at that moment, in that world where only Peace reigns, intoxicating well-being, a single Being, suffering, for he sensed, though faintly, that such a condition awaits him as soon as he awakens.
"You are among us, passing brother, but you are very welcome and you can stay with us for a few weeks, how about?"
-It is an undeniable invitation, although my desire is to live with you forever.
The Angel who was talking to him clearly knew that Celestino is one of the banished and that these very brief receptions are part of the process of “resocialization” to all, in his condition, granted, with the main objective, to make them aware, even that intuitively, upon their return, of the terrible "sin" they have committed and never wish to recur in the same mistake. This same Angel said it, though he knows that he will remember his words, but will think that he simply lived a dream:
"For as long as your wish is unfulfilled, it is solely up to you to come back and remain with us," eternally. “Let’s forget about this detail and try to make the most of the dazzling wonders our world offers you.
Soothed by the proposal, he is immensely happy, since in just one week you will enjoy insignificant gifts, among the infinite ones that are being renewed every moment.
Since all suffering seems to be endless, in its present reality of fallen angel, in reverse, the joys pass quickly and, to Celestino's ineffable sadness, his time of temporary stay in that Paradise has arrived.
He awakens with tears rolling hot on his face and reflecting:
"My God, does heaven really exist or was it in fact an extraordinarily wonderful dream?" Allow me, Lord, that as you leave this world, go to one and remain there forever and ever.


                   Celestino second singular dream.

"Are you lost around here, boy?" Asks a very old gentleman.
"I'm just walking around, sir, and I didn't even know this place is inhabited."
"It is inhabited, but you will see only those who wish to be seen by you."
"So if nobody wants you to see him, here is what a wasteland is?"
-Yes, deserted, but beautiful!
-Very beautiful! Quite different from the place I live then.
"But one day you will return to your true place, as wonderful and full of peace as this one."
Q: Do you suggest knowing me and my origins?
–I know, however where you reside at the moment, because all events before Eternity are just “moments”, it is also very beautiful. It resembles a beautiful garden watered with muddy waters. Fortunately, the pure beauties are not contaminated with the filth that may be around them.
The earth and its natural beauties are like the lotus flower; beautiful, have their roots in dirty waters, but do not corrupt themselves with them. Despite the environment in which they feed, they impart color, joy and peace to those who can see and feel it.
Not only does it serve as a home, it calls upon men to open their eyes and take inspiration from bird songs at sunrise and sunset, to realize how every tiny fraction of the natural elements in their crusts depend on each other incessantly. Just as they too, and stop, as long as possible, from destroying everything around them, for they will be if they continue, destroying themselves.
"I think my friend," says Celestino, "actually, if the Earth cried out, it would be so hoarse that no more sound would come out." There is no way! Those people, with whom I live, excluding a small minority, seem to be heading for the annihilation of life still abundant, charming and generous.
“Let us now walk through a world of truth, of work, joys and peace,” says the elderly gentleman who accompanies him, already considered his dear friend.
"My God, what a world and what wonderful people!" Celestine ecstatic exclaims. How was it possible, while talking to my friend, to have seen nothing of what I now see? Ask if.
A multitude of men and women working and singing in the purest joy! They use only lightweight hand tools while their children play not as neighbors, but siblings.
"You will miss here whenever you remember this world of ours, friend." We don't need presidents, governors, congresses, judiciaries ... Each person is aware of their responsibilities to everyone and to themselves.
We do not need doctors, because the main reason people get sick in their habitat is selfishness and the serious problems it creates. Here everyone does not simply respect each other if they love each other as brothers. Our houses have doors and windows simply to protect against rain, wind, cold... Even the animals, the domestic ones, which are there at their stops, behave sweetly, and similar to horses, cattle ... Never They enter people's homes and stay in the pastures or places designated for them.
The life we ​​lead, without the worries of all sorts that plague them, such as greed, religion, property, tax, jealousy, hatred, adultery ... If it were, enumerating their immensity would pass the rest of the day and still speak many things. to report, are the sources of the most diverse illnesses that afflict them, believe me, since it is the purest truth: the insane mind creates illnesses and, it may seem to you a great absurdity, but even evil microorganisms and mutations of them can be creations of thoughts in total disharmony with the universe.


The following four episodes, related to the book: The Awakening of the First Man.

                      love, for a long time, forgotten!

Nestor was led by his guide to a large door, and when it opened sent him in, saying goodbye.
Entering, the space before her indicated the interior of a sumptuous palace.
He was ecstatic to see monuments of unknown shapes shine like gold when light shines upon them.
Gallant, tall and sturdy columns that would envy the genius architects of ancient Greece, support a colossal dome-shaped ceiling.
They are lined with symbols representing tiny stones identical to diamond and other precious stones of various colors.
Sweet female voice made him turn his attention to a wide door that led into another room.
"Good afternoon, illustrious Nestor!"
He had never seen anything like it in his life. The young woman, who must be the Queen of that people, stands before her.
“Like she never was on Earth, a woman of extraordinary and exotic beauty, she thought almost paralyzed by the singular sight.
Her skin is a smooth gradation from red to golden. Her long hair, which falls down to her waist, resembles the finely divinely curled strands of gold.
Her whole being shuddered violently when she noticed that she wears on her forehead, a golden band identical to the one that holds her hair since childhood.
The long, white satin dress, tight to the body near the knees, where it widens touching the floor reveals the curves that, together with the clear blue eyes, the lips of impeccable features, together with the graceful face of a woman angel, makes her Goddess of the purest feminine beauty.
It was impossible for Nestor to remain discreet when in greeting, their hands joined.
She is the supreme representative of a pure race, originating from this same earth, for eight million years. Nothing escapes its extreme sensitivity, which has evolved to the same degree as the physical organisms of men and women belonging to a civilization that hitherto has been the subject of much speculation.
"Come Nestor, sit next to me."
You have, so far, never had the slightest reaction of the beautiful, sensual or affective by any woman.
"Do you suggest to know my feelings?"
"Not just them, in the best sense of the terms you use to express them, but you as a whole."
Q: Does the time of your people's existence give you such powers?
"More than you can imagine, however, knowing everything about you without one exception is for another reason."
"May I know your name and what is this reason?"
-The reason will know step by step, because it represents a long road to go, already my name is Nestoliz.
-Nestoliz?! Nestor asked in amazement.
-Yes. Our names having the same first five letters made him very curious.
Puzzled, that would be the exact term, Nestoliz!


         They initiate the interior changes in Nestor.

A lot has changed in Nestor's life now. He lives more tormented than before in his "endless search," but he has found his way again and will follow him fearlessly, for despite the bitterness at his core, the confidence that the long-awaited peace depends solely on him. Go to the beach and walk alone along the warm sands while gazing at the sea, the blue sky and the graceful white clouds that suggest accompanying you. He descends where they reach the waves, and feels his feet being bathed by them like a new baptism, of the new man who is dawning on him. He opens his arms toward the horizon beyond the green waters of the calm ocean, as in a supreme thanksgiving to the Infinite symbolized there. Continue your walk by the sea letting the waters erase your footprints. He knows that the marks that will make his feet on firm ground henceforth will be the complement of the steps neglected by his folly. Stops and sits on the sands. His eyes wander slowly all around him. Hear the inner voice whispering deep within your Being:
–See Nestor how beautiful is everything that embraces you, how beautiful is Life, to love and to be loved, the “creation” of which you are part. Let Life get involved without questioning where it comes from and where it goes, for Life is God!
The burning tears come down burning your face, but washing your heart, you’re Soul. The continuous, gentle breeze caresses your whole body that, along with the ever-chanting of the waves, soothes and invigorates you to continue your journey.
Your beloved hammock is now replaced by the sands. In them lies and stares at length the sky in deep reflection.
Try to empty your mind and keep it as free as possible. It is still, in the present circumstance, difficult to achieve, but he strives and succeeds for considerable time when the first stars begin to dawn and, after dark, accompany their glow, the images of Nestoliz face pulling him from his face. contemplative state. Even in the imagination to see her eternal love soothes her pains, but also brings back the memory of how much she made her suffer for her ravings.
He mentally asks for his forgiveness and he is received by Her who, already longing to send him fluids of serenity, and also by mental energies calls him to be strong, to fight bravely to achieve the merit of being his Nestor, to occupy again, and forever the throne that belongs to it.
After a few hours and feeling the cold intensify back to his cabin, picks up clothes and, lying in his hammock, finally falls asleep


In the memories of the distant past, which emerge from within you find your Queen.

We live, after the first anguishes, golden periods of civilizations never imagined by the men we "created" when, after this memorable fact, we dropped precipitously in relation to the number of "states" and population numbers.
His memories were so vivid and vivid that he felt drowsy, yet a soft voice kept his mind awake and exclaims blissfully:
-Nestoliz love, what a happy surprise!
-Goodnight Sweetheart! Have a rest now from these memories and come with me, walk around.
-Around? Oh dear! What an immense desire to live fully the “out there”, where I join you our steps, united, our hands linked, made me the happiest man who passed the face of this world.
–Let us leave this happier man because he will live the opposite of the happy when you remember the action that made you “go down into the abyss”.
Nestor bowed his head, sad and ashamed. You have not relived this episode yet, but you know that at no time did it come out of a Being who committed the greatest of sins and knowingly.
"You're right, Nestoliz." The execution of any act causes irreversible consequences; we can never go back. Once they occur, under whatever circumstances their effects will be inevitable.
Let us wander the nooks of peace of our peaceful Oasis, and let things happen in due course.
-The night is beautiful love, says Nestoliz looking at the magic bright dots in the sky. The mysteries of all natures surround us and ceaselessly appeal to the hearts of men to behold them.
"You suggest emphasizing and correlating these beautiful mysteries with the night, dear, why?"
-Oh, Nestor! How difficult it is to pass on many of the things we feel or think to someone who does not speak the same language as us. If I did not have control of my emotions as you, I would live as long as you do not return to the point where you stopped, as well as redeem all your "heavy debt", with my soul torn by grief.
My king, my poor boy! I take comfort in the certainty that the lesson has been bitter, but the treatment it undergoes is just and effective, and it will not let you henceforth depart from me.
Everything that exists my beloved has infinite uses. In addition to forming a whole, each separate part reveals many secrets to us, shows us a multitude of ways, just being aware.
The night symbolizes one of the greatest and most fundamental of all mysteries. "The beginning of everything, the precedence of the Light." At this moment, and as we stroll together under this Lush Sky, she represents the spell of the love we feel for each other, fascinates us with the gifts of the exquisite glimpses of worlds that hover over us. In the Soul states we live in now she is poetry, tenderness, love... But she can also play dark roles, such as the Dark Night, experienced by your Spirit, in the longing to be my King again. Its fullness.
It also symbolizes ignorance, general suffering... Finally, its expressions are innumerable, but it is only night!
As it is, there is not a single particle or event in any corner of the universe that is not clothed with singularities, of "Creation" Magic!
Attend to them dear with simple eyes, with humility in your heart and you will realize that it is possible, though not yet in all its brilliance, to be involved in the Majestic Faces of God!
"May He forgive me, darling, but right now you are my everything, my senses, the pulsars of my heart, the only love in my life!"
"Not a word from you now uttered is excluded, in the sense of things pondered by your Nestoliz, love."
Walk aimlessly Nestor and Nestoliz barefoot and holding hands. No matter the direction, where your footsteps lead you. Together and entwined their Souls rejoice as the flight of the free bird, the most sublime of songs...
They returned when the first rays of the sun announce the arrival of a new day.

-See you soon love, says goodbye Nestoliz.


                          The end of your sufferings.

Shortly before the age of thirty-eight, he decided to wander the world in order to learn, experience new things and, above all, to seek answers to questions which in his view would henceforth be the reason for his lonely existence.
He traveled through several countries, some bizarre, and became involved in countless adventures in his unbridled pursuit of knowledge, as widely as possible.
From the icy to the very hot regions, deserts, mountains, forests... He explored them thoroughly for almost four years in a row, which seemed to him more than ten, adding much knowledge to his considerable cultural heritage, but what he really coveted to know was, in your eyes, becoming unreachable.
Talking to a person in a certain country on the Asian continent it was suggested to visit a temple that professes a religion known throughout the world, and that it is located in a certain and very well-known place. Yes, very well known, but for the natives there, for Nestor already the obstacles of the dialect of that region, their culture and, a number of other details, made it difficult to their intent.
Very tired of walking for several hours and prone to give up, he “happened to find” an elderly gentleman and asked him for information about the place he was looking for.
This gentleman suggesting knowing him, and speaking fluently in his language, said to him:
-“I know, but it will be a waste of time to go there. What you desperately seek is within yourself! ”
He invited him to follow him and enter his humble house.
Inside, the person introduced himself when the night came:
-My name is Koujy...
At the end of all memories Nestor feels an astonishing weight on her head, as if she were being swallowed by an intense whirlwind, and runs wild toward the beach. Arriving there faints falling heavily in the sands.
During the long hours of unconsciousness were temporarily erased from his memories, the many sad events he lived; be the dreamed, the experienced in everyday life, as well as those watched on the screen of the singular computer
Though it remains for some time forgotten of priceless facts, it will be retained in its spiritual memory, the acquired understanding that the "All" is not apparently a combination of incalculable disaggregated segments, but rather it is all these segments and the same. They form one, a "Concrete and Indivisible Everything, the Absolute." She is also aware now that Nestoliz and he are on the verge of “communion with the Whole” as they are “in Him” “for many distant ages,” Isaky and Koujy, and she knew this by saying that it was revealed to someone. The last words contained in the Holy Book of his people. This someone is She, Nestoliz, the Queen, her eternal love, who in her humility said to be on the same “evolutionary level” as the brothers who are still united with them here in this world.
Forgetfulness "by lesson" was terrible, but he remembered that "symbolically" "forgetting," by processes of Life, "affects all creatures in the act of their creations." God is not far from everything, God is Love and Love is the supreme experience of everything.
He was now left with the recollection of some events, which gave him moments of extreme happiness, and the feeling that the “Lost Knowledge, plus so many others, is now fully running within,” however, at first. You will feel intensely stunned, and everything will look like just a dream. The disturbing occurrences will restart in their entirety, but mildly, for they now have the structure to support them with dignity, although the harsh ones have decreed the fulfillment of their penalty. Nestor is definitely free.
He finds himself waking up on the thin, white, clear sands of a beautiful beach, with the rising sun, the sun of life, warming his body and noticing something tied around his neck. When you put your hand on it you feel it is a cord.
"Where is this and what am I doing here?"
It takes hold of him indescribable inner confusion. He remembers that he had a dream, where his beginning occurred when in search of a certain place he met a character like the name of Koujy.
"My God, what a divine dream!" Exclaim. He represented everything I wanted most in this life. Why did I wake up? He preferred death a thousand times.
After pronouncing the word death, he feels Life as he never imagined before, when he sees Nestoliz, with tears coming abundantly from his eyes and with open arms, saying to him:
"Come, my beloved King, come and rest your suffering Spirit beside me, in our Sacred Home."


The following three texts from the book, Strange Destiny.
     The unusual conversation between the two brothers.

Later, as they retire, Geany in the upstairs hallway heading for her room meets Thais leaving her, which is common with Lenita, and next to her catches his sad look. They stopped in front of each other and listened melancholy to her saying with teary eyes:
-I missed you so much.
"I felt yours too, sister."
"Brother, sister..." Thais whispered looking into Geany eyes and threw herself into his arms, controlling the tears that afflicted her soul.
They remained briefly embraced; her head resting on his chest and Geany lightly stroking her hair promised her:
"I won't be away so long from home again, ever!"
"If it's because of me, you can stay, but always take me with you." I don't care when and where to go.
"I will take her, yes, because besides the immense longing, it is not good and not wise to stay away from you."
"Why are you telling me you're not wise either?"
-Let's put this detail aside, okay?
"Yes, let's go, although I think I know his reason: harassment of the girls."
"I didn't want that to happen, but I can't help it."
"I understand, but there are times when I feel devastated, thinking about the possibility of someday you get carried away by these harassments and be charmed by another woman."
-Never. I have had experiences that this will be impossible for me.
"I wonder what they were and I have no desire to know about them, okay?"
Please let me stay in your room talking to you until my sleep comes.
"Yes, come in."
Sitting on Geany Thais bed tells her:
“How much I miss our time as children. We spent long and pleasant afternoons playing together and I didn't feel what I feel, at least I wasn't aware of "this feeling" from the dreams I've been having, days after my eleventh birthday.
-In these dreams you feel without knowing how, that everything lived in it is always next to a person who, although she has another name is me, and yet, suggests to you to be as real as we are here?
-Yes, why?
-So it seems to me, they have been having dreams similar to mine and, it seems, they started at about the same time.
-My God! Geany knows exactly the daydreams that follow me in them?!
"I can't tell you even if it's daydreams." If during the clarification of each other about them everything coincides perfectly, even though it is something unknown to us, it may be real, yes. Now if there is no agreement, it is likely that they are unconscious fantasies of ours, although it is very strange that they began almost simultaneously.
Notice how it happens to me: Most of the time I go to sleep, I feel anxious to meet my beautiful, beloved, dark-skinned woman with blue-green eyes, very straight black hair that is long to the waist. In my dreams we are the longest of them dressed in white, and all the intimacies, interspersed with many caresses, usually occur between a couple. I said, "We're the longest of them dressed in white," because when I wake up I can't understand the cause, but I have no doubt that it's you.
"God, have mercy on us!" "You described how I see myself in the dream." Likewise, in him, I am always with a man who looks to me like a doctor, married to me, and I love him intensely. He calls me with great affection from Flávia. Like you, when I wake up, something inside me tells me that you are him.
"So how can this be a dream?" Question Geany
Thais looks at him and says scared:
"But this is crazy!" How can there be such intense love and intimacy of these natures between siblings, children of the same father and mother? Have you thought about the gravity of what happens to us?!
"Yes, I have thought, and much more than you can suppose, yet why are these things happening while we sleep, and why, equally, am I now absolutely certain that we have never seen each other as brother and sister?" We always love Thais since childhood! It is impossible to hide this from ourselves and the worst; we risk not being able to hide this fact from those closest to the family, either. I think our mother knows and should live in distress over it.
There must be some explanation for what happens to us.
"What explanation, Geany?" Thais question stunned.
"I don't know, but certainly there is, otherwise what sense would it make in all this?"
And making all these tangled messes more complicated, I sense that our sister Lenita is somehow also involved in them with us, Geany notes.
"I also believe in this possibility." She can't seem to hide the great jealousy she feels for you. Did you notice her insistent questions about the possible participation of girls on this trip, which made me distressed?
“I have been aware of Lenita reactions since childhood, Thais. They are not recent as suppositions.
-No, Geany! Thais exclaims. - Where do we get living like this, in this torment? If we were not brothers everything would be settled.
"Let life take care of showing us a way, a happy ending for all of us."
They sat facing each other for a moment, holding hands in silence, and gazing tenderly into each other's eyes, when Geany said with emotion, thrilling her:
"Honey, go to sleep before anyone sees us like this."
-You're right. Good night!   


          Carla first surprising encounter with Geany.

On Friday night, Geany, as she always does in advance when spending days or seasons away, which week she was at her friend Alex's house, warns her parents that the next day she will be leaving and returning only at night.
-You are right my son, comments Jane, need to walk, leisure. It has taken life very seriously, beyond what is necessary.
On Saturday morning, he eats his coffee early and goes to meet Carla.
Lenita and Thais are surprised by the absence of their brother, but, although curious and concerned, refrain from asking their mother questions.
Around nine o'clock they meet. After the long and longing hug, at least for her, the question:
-Where will we go?
"How about a big public garden?" Suggests Geany.
"I'll go to Mars with you if you invite me."
No, Mars, no, it's too far away! In addition to that I have tested several propellant rockets for my ship to go long distances and all, not yet discover the reason, explode soon after, or during launch. Not even one just got there on the moon. I don't want to commit suicide next to you, to laugh, to joke.
-Not like this! I figured it was safe to laugh joking too. Let's go to the botanical garden, okay?
-Excellent idea.
In it, with a lot of green portrayed in the centenary palm trees, plants of the most varied species and, many of them from different countries, transmit joy and peace to nature lovers.
While walking hugged to Carla, Geany thinks:
"This place is a small sample of how wonderful our world is." Too bad that the man in his greed, lack of planning, ignorance, among the factors, has already destroyed and continues to destroy the natural beauty, bringing with his disastrous acts disastrous consequences.
“Curious, Geany, I've been here a few times and I didn't realize how beautiful this place is!
"Your previous reactions are understandable." We may be in the most charming surroundings, even in Paradise itself, but without peace and love in our hearts, our inner senses do not even perceive the Majesty contained in a flower.
Carla listened to Geany talk and couldn't understand how different he is from the guys she knows and met. He spoke of peace and love in his heart, but it seems sad.
Peace and sadness are two antagonistic feelings, he thought. Is it possible for a human being to feel both simultaneously?
It was impossible for her in the present to conceive of such a thing, but in this very present, what matters most to her is Geany company, and she discovered with him values ​​that were unthinkable until then.
She came to meet her, longing for affection and love, it is true, yet she had, and many exacerbated, other intentions.
She walked with him, hand in hand, through the extensive and beautiful living collection, beautifully manicured and praiseworthy organization.
Now sitting on one of the numerous benches there talked about life, which was too dull for Carla. They placed both legs in such a way that they sat facing each other.
She let him handle the affairs and listened to him looking into her tender, mysterious eyes. Her words at one point suggested to her that he was striving to look natural, but he was suffering, and she would very much like to know why and thus help him in the best way possible.
"Honey, let me ask you something?"
"Whatever you want, Carla."
"Are you sure it's okay?"
"It was easy to see that I'm not, wasn't it?"
"But then why did you agree to go out with me?"
-Because although sad, you do not imagine the good that brings me at this moment of my life, your company.
"I know I introduced you to the image of the tomboy, inconsequential, but for you I can change, I do anything to see you well." Please open up with me. This may bring you some peace of mind.
-Carla as I wish! Unfortunately, I can not.
You would be the happiest man in this world if you could be fully in the place of the woman I love but cannot love.
"How can I understand such a thing?" Why can't you love her?
He held Carla's face in both hands and saw how much tenderness there was in her eyes, answering tears with his own:
“Honey, this whole situation is very complex. Besides not being able to tell you anything, if I explained it to you, you could assume I'm crazy.
-Geany you called me dear! Happy exclaims. Hold me tight. I will do my best to at least feel at peace by my side.
You claim that you do not wish me to know who your love is, but I beg you to enlighten me; and she loves you?
"Very much more than you can imagine."
Carla in despair that he flatly refuses to tell her who is the woman who lives in his heart and noticing the strangeness of the fact, cries in anguish and says stunned:
"You don't trust me, of course!" Please take me away from here. You must not be a normal person.
She stands up sharply and continues:
"I don't doubt anything else." Maybe this love of yours is your mother, one of your sisters...
Hearing this, Geany, who had also risen, feels a momentary dismay and collapses heavily on the bench. As soon as he becomes clear in his mind, he holds his head in both hands, stricken with intense agony.
Carla, seeing his horrified reaction, quickly sits back down and welcomes him into her arms.
-Don't be so dear! I don't understand what plagues you inside, but you need protection. Forget everything I asked you. Let me protect you, I can, I am strong, believe me.
Let's walk a little quietly in the garden, she proposed.
Rising, Carla wrapped her left arm around Geany waist and walked slowly. A few minutes later she says:
-I'm hungry. Let's have a snack?
"Yes, let's go," he answered.
Sitting down, sipping her juice with a straw, she notes that he still seems unable to redo the shock he was motivated for reasons he wanted to know, and made a seemingly flippant request:
"Are we going to spend this rest of the day somewhere where we can just be the two of us?"
"Why do you want that?" Ask her
"Because you're not well." Let me take care of you, at least for today.
Geany notes in Carla's deep, sweet gaze that she undeniably loves him, and that his actions now are something different from those presented by her in the days he spent with him on his visit to her family.


The love between the brothers that continues through the ages.

The vibrations of love, tears, and moving feelings of gratitude to the Lord of All for His Supreme Majesty, Wisdom, and Justice, extend throughout the island. The occupants of the nearest inns joined the guests in unforeseen fraternal interactions, as if they were all one family.
At the end of the ceremony, in unexpected and unconscious momentum, Geany pulls Carla by the hand and runs toward the sea. Thais, influenced by the same process acts identically with Alex and the four are followed by the others without exception.
Almost six hundred people, a small multitude of beings uniquely harmonized with each other by the magnetism of love, holding hands dancing and singing, bathed by the soft waters of the sea, feel like a collective baptism that binds the hearts of many people who were there, known or not.
The first night of love between Thais and Alex, and the first night of marriage between Geany and Carla, and after her...
At exactly nine o'clock in the morning. Thais wakes up at her house and Geany at his.
-My God! They exclaim simultaneously and confused, though blissful.
They remembered very vividly and most remarkably what they had experienced in a dreamlike way about their meeting tonight in their last passages:
Sandro and Flávia holding hands, walking barefoot and happy in a vast plain covered with small and vivid flowers, with a fantastic diversity of sublime and varied colors. The gentle wind, while playing with Flávia hair, gently shook the tiny petals, tinting their colors, and making them even more dazzling in their paradise, when they stopped and he said:
“They were symbolically washed in the waters of the blessed sea of ​​that world, to which we were led, the fragments of the forgotten faults that we committed. Our material beings can now, in that lifetime "belong to them," just as our respects and loyalties will have, yet the hearts of Lucca and Domícia, Sandro and Flávia, as well as those of other characters we will play in the indeterminable lives, will never!
-I love you Sandro!
-I love you too; Flávia and I will love you forever!
Note: In the work, Strange Destiny, Thais and Geany are consanguineous brothers.


The next seven episodes are taken from The Book: The Magic of Reunions.
                      The reunion of Aurora and Mark.

-It's almost time. Let's surprise you. When the doorman calls you go to my room and at the right time I'll pick you up. It's ok?
Before long, the doorman warned her that he was coming up.
"Now go to the bedroom and wait for me."
-Sara, my heart is racing!
-Calm. He will be quiet already. Go.
Sara left the door ajar and Marcos entered suspiciously, because she was standing, waiting for him with an enigmatic look.
-Hi little sister, all right? Why that face?
She gave him a big hug and said smiling:
"I have a wonderful surprise for you." Sit down for a moment.
He went into the kitchen, prepared a glass of sugar water, and brought it to his brother.
He approached Mark and offered him:
"First drink this."
-Water with sugar. If the surprise is good why do I need to calm down?
"You will know."
He went to his room and brought Aurora with him. When Mark saw her he rose quickly and felt as if all the fascination of the Universe flowed through his Being.
"I don't believe what I'm seeing!"
Aurora ran into his arms.
-Aurora my life, came back to me!
-Marcos, dear, I miss my love!
The long-awaited reunion brought Sara to tears. They were like two Angels entwined with one another. From them emanated the essence of infinite love and tenderness. True love exists and Sarah had no doubt, for He was personified before her. He also wanted to go through this sublime moment, but he was unique, belonged only to these two beings who were destined for the same path.
 He continued to watch after the long hug, both of them looking at each other and caressing each other's faces in silence, as if facing the most intimate nature of life itself. That scene will be forever marked in your heart.
They left their ecstasy. Marcos pulled her gently by the arm and they sat on the couch. Aurora lay in her lap. He stroked his beloved's hair for a long time.
Sara realized that intervention was needed.
-My loves. I need to talk to you guys.
They became attentive and curious.
"I'm immensely happy for both of you, but Aurora, your mother and father must be worried about you."
"My mother knows where and who I'm meeting, but she's right." I should be home soon.
It seemed to Sara that time did not exist.
"I understand Aurora, but here it exists." Now flying, now crawling, however, is a reality from which we cannot escape.
-This was a great day in my life and next to Mark, the others will be.


Mark's mother Mary awaits him, with the other visitors for lunch.

She visualized the inevitable and gradual disengagement of her children increasing every day.
He could do nothing, he thought, especially now that he is aware of their noble missionary responsibilities.
Although her longing to be intensified, her heart was quiet and happy, for God within her family has two faithful servants who make her fulfilled as a mother.
He was again in the company of his children and visitors who sat at table, having lunch in complete harmony.
He looked very discreetly at everyone, reflecting:

"How strange this life is!" I lived for long years like a fragile boat in the midst of a terrible storm that seemed endless. Suddenly it came to a lull. The strong wind turned into a gentle breeze caressing my face. The rough sea became calm waters like those of a large and serene lake. The black sky tinged with graceful blue bringing back the glorious Sun of Light and Peace!


           Sara, Mark's sister, relives Dael tragic death.

Sara, agonized, showing great emotional out of control, said to Marcos:
My brother recalls that in my account of my experience I was warned by Mrs. Nice who would still see and, tragically, Dael, my unforgettable love?
"Yes, I remember."
"This happened today." It was terrible, Marcos! I understood why my unbearable anguish at the scene, her picking white roses in the garden.
As soon as I left college I decided to take a walk around looking for a gift for Hina, for her passing the college entrance exam. I was walking and at one point I found myself standing in front of a flower shop. A beautiful basket with white roses caught my eye. When I stared at her, everything around me disappeared.
I was in the garden of that little house, wearing the same dress as Dael's mother was actually her own. Beside me, she helped me prune the branches of a lush rose bush and told me something that cut my heart...
Sara paused, crying convulsively, supported by Marcos.
"If the memory is hurting you, forget it."
-Not at all!
And in tears, he continued:
-She told me Marcos:
"Mother, when I die, and this is about to happen, I want you to adorn me with many of these roses in our garden."
I hugged her hard with a sharp pain in my heart and scolded her; never repeat this to mommy, do you want to kill me with sadness? And she said to me:
"Mommy, don't fight with me!" You need to know that I only came to be with you for a short time. My coming was to make her know Love, to dispel the unbelief she carries with her mother. God exists! Learn to love Him, to see Him in these beautiful white roses and all around you. Feel His holy presence in the breeze that caresses your face, and then, when I am gone, wiping your tears of pain through the ages. Trust him, always...
The time is coming for me to leave. -The next day when I went to wake her in the morning, she burned with fever and spoke to me with difficulty: "Don't be sad, Mom." One day when you're ready I'll be back to be together longer with you. I shouted in distress for help and many neighbors appeared to help me. Our village was very poor. There was not a single doctor, and the treatment of sick people consisted of home remedies and prayers. Within a few hours she passed away. I was crying desperately, supported by those humble women who were trying to bring me some comfort. In my last memory, Dael lay in her modest little coffin, adorned with many white roses in our garden, and her serene little face seemed to sleep. I came back to feel two strong hands holding me. It was a store clerk who asked me: "Are you feeling bad?" He gave me a handkerchief because he was crying a lot. He took my arm and invited me to sit in a chair inside the flower shop. It was hard to remake myself when I remembered: -She has returned and is close to me! Thank my god! I stood up resolute full of energy and said to the seller: "I want the most beautiful bouquet you have here." "Which one, ma'am?" He asked me. "Of white roses, and only roses, nothing more."  As he left, he wanted to know: "Are you sure you're all right?" -I'm great! Thank you for everything sir. -Yes, when you tell me about the memory of this event that left you in this state, is not sister, since was just very thrilled, but not so, so devastated? -Yes, Marcos. Reviving Dael, in its final moments, tears my heart apart! I had softened a little, but in telling you I lived once again everything that happened. May God help me not to suffer so much from these memories. "God is merciful!" Yes, you did, because you now know that Dael is with you in the form of Hina.


Sara tries to stimulate the memories in Hina's Inner Self.

On the night of this very day before bed, Sara reflected deeply on the view in front of the flower shop. His reflection was as intense as the desire to remember more details. All in vain, however, noticing that he could not relax and prepared for his prayer, as he does every night before bed when they paraded before him, equally vivid scenes he longed to remember. Happy thanked God and after fervent prayer, fell asleep.
The next day, around ten o'clock, he asks Marcos to invite Hina to come visit her.
Marcos left and Sara reminded her mother that she was waiting for Hina and when she arrived she went straight to her room.
-These two are very mysterious, Maria thought.
Soon Hina arrives and eagerly asks for Sara.
"You are waiting in the room," Maria said.
-Thank you Dona Maria. Excuse.
Hina knocks on Sara's bedroom door and enters.
-Good morning, Sara! Do you want to talk with me?
-Yes Dear. Sit here, near me. Can I tell you a story?
"If not the bogeyman can," he joked.
"Face me and give me both your hands."
Now you'll hear the story with your eyes closed, okay?
"Yes, you can start."
“Once upon a time in a very distant place where there was a small town. There lived, among other inhabitants, a family of only two people. A little blue-eyed blonde girl and her mother. This girl was fatherless because he was gone shortly after she was born, victim of an incurable disease.
They both loved each other very much. The house that housed them belonged to a sheep farmer his mother worked for. Her little daughter always accompanied her in the sheep care, like a true shepherd.
When they were at home, their favorite fun was tending to a beautiful white rose garden.
Sara told the story with tears in her eyes and a choked voice, in a desperate attempt to fully awaken this little girl who lives inside Hina, and continued:
-The little girl, despite her young age was very intelligent and said beautiful things to her mother, while pruning or picking roses.
Once, in a carelessness, she pierced the middle finger of her right hand into a thorn and wept with pain, scaring her mother who without knowing what happened asked her, worried:
"Dael, Dael, what happened to my angel?" Mom is here to protect you.
Trembling Hina hugged Sara, and she was also agonized inside.
-Sara dear, I understand what you expect from me telling me this beautiful story. She really speaks to my heart and I long to share the same certainty with you. Give me a break. This unusual love for you will surely lead us to the same place in the past. What matters most to me is the untranslatable desire to always be close to you, to remain my good friend, even because there is no friend greater than our own mother.


Mary, the loving mother, happy for the excellent prospects for her children's lives.

Mary in her daily tasks sees new horizons. His son Peter has been working as a private driver for over a year. His boss, a generous Soul who decided to help him, pleased with his dedication and punctuality, paid him a very rewarding salary and encouraged him to study.
It unfolds full of faith and confidence, in the certainty that man makes his destiny. No more looking back with sadness. The constant encounters with his loving mother give him the courage and courage to go on, breaking his own path, making him as straight as possible.
She dreams hopefully someday getting married, having children, and being a source of pride and admiration for her mother and siblings.
Think of time lost only as experience gained. Remember your volunteers stumbling on the stones of life's ways. He was happy, because he wanted so hard, and had his hand outstretched to help him remove them.
Peter only sadness is for John. He is no longer addicted to drinking and spends most of his time at home. It needs help, but it cannot help itself, for lack of inner dynamism that moves external forces around all men. It gives signs of wanting to react, however, weakens at the slightest obstacle.
Peter does not give up. At least the worst is over. If it weren't for his brother's lack of courage to see new horizons, everything would be easier. John's biggest problem is his lack of perspective, of dreaming. If only he dreamed! Peter thought.
Dreams come from the Soul, fill us with vigor, with joy! It makes us want to get somewhere, and when we get to it, the Divine restlessness of the Spirit drives us to another, to heaven, to infinity!
Poor man who does not dream! He does not live.
I will dream for myself and my unfortunate brother! Maybe this way I will not be able to wake him to open his eyes, and see the bright side that life offers him?


            The spiritual meeting of Hina and Nice.

Hina has finished medical school and is preparing to start residency. His marriage with Lucas is also approaching.
After leaving the apartment, Sara, Marcos and Aurora, came to live in it only with Antonio who came to live with her to keep her company.
One night, very tired, she lay down to sleep. While sleep did not come she thought about life, her marriage soon, when she missed her dear mother dearly. He remembered that being by his side, in that unforgettable "dream", she told him as she said goodbye that on another occasion, in that same place, she would have a very special meeting, certainly with "someone" who would reveal to her all about the involvement. Between her and Sara, as well as something that would make her extremely happy.
"Meet someone?" Why with someone else and not her? Will I not see her again? There were a series of inquiries when sleep came overpowering.
Very sleepy and unable to answer his questions, he fell asleep.
It was as his mother had predicted, there, where he last saw her. The place is uniquely beautiful, but without her presence the splendor of before was not present.
She decided to go looking for her, but when she couldn't find her, she sat under a flowering, fragrant tree. Ahead of him, in the calm waters of a lake, gentle waves formed with the walk of two swans; one big and one with a short time of birth.
Her attention returned at this moment to a lady approaching her.
Stopping in front of Hina, he greeted her with a smile.
"How are you, Hina?"
-I'm sad, because I look for my mother without finding her. Do you know me from somewhere?
"I know, dear, as well as Sara, my beloved Antonio, and many of your acquaintances."
"Did you refer to my father as your beloved?"
-Yes Hina. Antonio was and will remain my beloved! I'm Nice, who lived with him for many years in his world.
"Nice, my father's wife?" So is she the special person I would meet? Hina wondered now that the sadness had subsided.
"Do you know where my mother is?"
"Please take me to her."
"I can't, honey." It is no longer here in this spiritual dimension.
"Where is she then?"
"There are exactly sixteen days in the womb of your body, which is currently lying in your bed." Isn't this about the time your regular period is not present?
"I'm pregnant, and my own mother?!"
“Among spirits there are no mothers and daughters, only brothers, Hina.
"Mrs. Nice, although I have not yet married, I feel immensely happy!"
My mother though as a daughter, again by my side, is a godsend!
-Yes Hina, and now you will have united for long years, a happy life.
I have yet another very important thing to reveal to you. In fact will be stimulated in your spiritual memory, the memory of your existence as a little girl named Dael, who was daughter of Marien, today his beloved friend Sara.
Hina, led by Nice to a group of enlightened spirits, increasingly felt her interior sublimated to such an extent that, if not properly assisted, her return to the earthly world would be impossible.
Lying in a chamber, she had her memories receding in time. They were held exactly in Dael personality. In those brief moments that represented years, Dael came back into existence. This existence, most excitedly in Hina's spiritual memory, will remain alive for as long as necessary.
-Ready Hina. The predictions mentioned by his mother were completed.
"And what predictions, Mrs. Nice!" My life, which was being blissful now, will gain even more special colors.
"Certainly Hina." Go back to your world and if you wish you can tell Antonio that you were with me.
"I will." He will be very happy to hear that!
Hina woke up. He stroked her belly with extreme affection, and his mind also came with vivid memories of the distant past. They are so intense and bright that it feels like living in two worlds at the same time. She is radiant and needs to talk urgently with Sara.
Alberto and Sara had coffee when the phone rings.
-Hina, what happened?! Your voice is strange, it seems in the clouds!
"Sara, can you come home now?"
"I have a lot of commitments, but none of them will stop me from meeting you, dear." I'm going there.
Hina is warned that Sara is coming up and stands at the door anxiously waiting for her.
Upon arriving Sara is greeted by Hina with great tenderness.
"I never saw you like this, Hina, what happened?!"
"Come, Sara, sit with me." I'm pregnant with a girl!
-Good, my angel! Why are you just telling me this now?
"Because I knew tonight."
-Tonight? What do you mean, Hina?!
"Sara was with Mrs. Nice!"
"Ah, now things are becoming understandable!"
-She is a wonderful person! It made me know...
Hina throws herself into Sara's arms in tears.
-Mom Marien, I missed you so much!
Sara shudders violently, such was her emotion.
-Dael, my love! Hina dear, you remembered!
“It was not a memory; I lived your great and unforgettable love physically and spiritually, you’re sweet Dael. Now I understand the extent of your love and the terrible despair at my inert little body.
I returned to you as I promised you mother! Embrace me tight!
In those moments it was no longer Hina and Sara hugging each other.
Hina lived Dael, lying on the lap of her late mother, Marien.
The time for the two passed unnoticed and Antonio, sensing what happened, came to the room. He stopped before he was noticed and stared in rapt admiration at those two Beings so close together that they seemed one. True love is eternal and I stand before it, I thought.
Sara stroking Hina's hair noticed Antonio's presence.
"Sorry, Sara." I was ecstatic at what I saw! I'm leaving...
"Don't go, Mr. Antonio." Sit here with us.
-Oh, dad! It's such happiness that I don't know if I deserve it, Hina said, returning to the present.
"You deserve daughter!" You are an angel who came to dwell among us.
"I was with Mrs. Nice." She led me to the past, the little girl I was. We were looking forward to this!

“Before this discovery I learned from your beloved wife that I am pregnant. That creature that I loved and brought me into this world will return to it, and I will be the way of this return. I will cradle her in my arms with all the affection, as Sara was doing to me. The Miracle of Life Dad!


Long years have passed, but the sacred burden of Mark and Aurora continues.
They are about to turn fifty-five years old, yet the physical powers, the born desires to serve, to give love, their lives to a sublime cause, are even higher than their mission.
The tireless doctor Marcos and his wife, the dedicated psychologist Aurora, always arrive early at the hospital and only return home at night, exhausted but fulfilled.
They will still live in this world for several years, however, certain that they have overcome it.
It has been difficult and strenuous every step up this jagged staircase, but the last one is being overtaken. It is the term of your passage through this world as students.
They are now at home, their nest of love, rest and peace!
The day dawns. Aurora re-enters the material consciousness with all her energies restored by the peaceful and restful sleep. Thank the Supreme Light for the serene awakening. Look at his side and see Mark, his eternal love, who is also already awake, and says to him with a heart overflowing with joy:
"I had a divine dream, Marcos!"
It was a huge bird of very bright, white feathers that flew very high. Beside me another great bird identical to me, accompanied me. We flew over a majestic blue sphere, happy, when he said to me:
- High and singular eagle, for over a millennium we grew together and formed the nests that sheltered us, at first, on the slopes of the hills, like birds that rise to low altitudes and, thus, we are exposed, by inexperience, the great threats. That surrounded us near the surface.
In the long-term passage we evolved, fortified our wings, and became increasingly robust and swift eagles.
We have also realized over the centuries and our growth, the imperative need to build these ever higher nests in the colossal mountains below, in that beautiful blue sphere. In this way we have distanced ourselves from the terrible dangers that remain near their bases.
We climb them patiently until we reach the summit of the largest of them. In it, besides being free of any risks, we were able to visualize all the horizons that this great sphere had to offer us.
Desiring and able to meet even more enchanting others, we simply wait for the sublime moment of taking off and saying goodbye to the stars, to infinity!



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